Implants' Change or Removal - €1050 / £885

  • Procedure price – €1050 / £885 (without travel package); Natrelle implants price – €900 / £760
  • Minimum required stay in Lithuania – 5 days; hospitalization – 1 night included;
  • Performed under either general anesthesia; lasts – 1 to 2 hours.

With time women with breast implants experience various thoughts concerning theirs breasts: either they are dissatisfied with the present aesthetic view which has changed over time, or for the peace of their mind want to change implants placed many years ago. Unfortunately, some cases prompting to breast implant replacement or removal may be related with risks to health.

When implants need replacing or removing
  1. Leakage or rupturing of the implant. If a saline implant develops a leak then the body will absorb the saline giving a noticeably smaller and softer appearance very quickly. A leak in a silicone implant may only be noticed if a mammogram or MRI scan is carried out;
  2. Capsular contracture. For patients suffering from capsular contracture (encapsulation) the implant starts feeling hard and painful due to the formation of excess scar tissue around the implant as the body treats it as a foreign body. The shape of breast may also look strange.
  3. Change of size or shape of the breast caused by an infection or bleeding.

Implant Change Abroad

Breast implants’ removal or replacement is generally more straightforward surgery than breast augmentation as the “pocket” or “capsule” for the implant is already formed, although some discomfort is expected.

Like all surgical procedures, with breast implant removal or replacement surgery there is always a possibility of complications. Although these complications are extremely rare, they can include infection, adverse reaction to anaesthesia, excessive bleeding, unsatisfactory results. Important to notice, that if the implant shell has been damaged or ruptured it may be impossible to remove all of the escaped gel from the surrounding tissues. Some other consequences include a longer scar than that which resulted from the original implant-placement procedure and diminished or altered breast sensation. Also, however, it is not possible to predict the breast shape precisely after this surgery.

Breast Implants

PIP implants have a higher failure rate so there will be women who might choose to have their implants removed before that happens.

- Douglas McGeorge, former president of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons

Recently the media has been flooded with reports concerning breast implants manufactured by French company, Poly Implant Prosthese (PIP). Despite claims that PIP silicone breast implants ‘have no cancer link’ and there is no need for women to have them removed, reliable sources state that they have higher failure rate. French government clarifies that PIP implants are made of the industrial grade silicone which is more irritating to tissues if the implant ruptures and advices to replace implants with the currently approved ones.

Our clinic uses reliable and worldwide acknowledged Natrelle implants manufactured by American company Allergan.