Liposuction - € 425 / £360 per area

May be combined with other surgeries
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Quick liposuction abroad facts:

  • Price per 1 area – € 425 / £360 (if combined with breast or other plastic surgeries);
  • Min. required stay in Lithuania – 5 days; hospitalization – 1 night incl.;
  • Areas: the abdomenflanksbuttocksthighskneesneckface;
  • Performed under general anaesthesia; lasts – 1 to 4 hours.
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The procedure

Removing body fat with liposuction has proven to be a safe alternative to surgery that can result in a better body contour with minimal scarring. The procedure gives the best result when used to remove localized areas of unwanted fat after someone has reached a desirable weight through diet and exercise. It is the most effective for younger people who have good skin tone; yet, many older patients may have excellent results.

Our clinic employs a special method for liposuction, called – tumescent technique. It has been in widespread use for many years and is a great advance to classic liposuction. At the beginning of the procedure, the doctor marks the areas for liposuction on your body. These are then infused with large quantities of a special fluid. It makes it easier for the surgeon to remove the fat and there is considerably less bleeding, as well as postoperative bruising and pain. Besides, patients recover faster and are back to their normal activities sooner compared to the older techniques.

The procedure goes as following: small incisions are made ( 2-5 mm) in natural crease lines if possible. A thin, blunt-tipped, hollow rod is then inserted under the skin and carefully manipulated through the fat tissue. The hollow rod is attached to a high-vacuum hose that sucks out the unwanted fat cells. When the desired fat is removed, the incisions are closed and dressings are applied.

Illustration of the procedure:

Liposuction abroadliposuction abroadliposuction abroad

How does abdomen liposuction differ from tummy tuck?

During abdomen liposuction only fat cells are sucked out; whilst when tummy tuck is performed, the excess abdomen tissues are removed. For that reason, sometimes liposuction alone does not provide the desired aesthetic result.

After liposuction

Compression garments must be worn to produce smooth, even results. They need to be used for up to 4 weeks following the surgery. You are allowed to take the garments off for brief periods of time to shower. Usually results are obvious right away, but over the following 8-12 weeks there will be continuous improvement as the swelling diminishes.

After the procedure, oral medication will usually control the pain. Patients should drink plenty of fluids during the first few days after surgery. Sport drinks containing electrolytes are recommended. Patients can return to almost normal daily activity in about one week, but it may be several weeks before strenuous exercise can be resumed.

Possible complications: relatively mild and very rare. Occasionally, antibiotics are required for minor infections. The most common problem is waviness or sagging skin, which is caused by irregular fat removal or inadequate skin shrinkage over the newly contoured areas. In some cases, patients may get a temporal depression as a result of too much fat removal. Cellulite (dimpling) and other surface irregularities that were present before surgery will still be present afterward.

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